The Burgers of Madison County

While burgers may often seem like the safe option on a menu, Madison County’s restaurants are here to prove that they can be the best option. Burger connoisseurs and everyday diners can all agree that those select few on the Indiana Foodways Alliance “Between the Buns Burger Trail™” have burgers to beat!  

Dortee’s Drive-In (Seasonal)

1101 N Harrison St. Alexandria, IN 46001

If you’re looking for a small-town vibe where you can enjoy good ice cream and a burger with the gooiest cheese, this is the place! Have a big appetite? Order a triple!

“Dortee’s is a drive-in (remember those?) in Middle America. It seems to embrace that and everything that goes along with it. Ice cream, burgers, fries, and picnic tables to sit on while eating. This is the type of place that you went to after little league games when you were a kid.” – Yelper Eric W.

Frazier’s Dairy Maid (Seasonal) 

3311 Main St. Anderson, IN 46013 

Without a doubt, the best way to eat a burger is with a side of ice cream. This old-fashioned drive-in, which opened in 1954, serves your classic array of fried fair stand foods, including a delicious burger. 

“Have been coming here my entire life.  Love it!  Great food!  Great service!  A must visit if you are in Anderson!” – Yelper Jennifer N. 

Gene’s Root Beer & Hot Dogs (Seasonal) 

640 S Scatterfield Rd. Anderson, IN 46012 

For more nostalgia, drive up to Gene’s and put your flashers on when you’re ready to place your order. This classic drive-in may be named for its frosty mugs of root beer and delicious Spanish dogs, but the hamburger is a must-add for your order.  

“I’ve been to this restaurant a few times and it’s really tasty. You wait in your car to be served your food 1950s style. When it arrives you are treated to a delicious hot dog or a mouthwatering cheeseburger and fries. Plus the root beer is sooo good!” – Yelper Alex D. 

Homestretch Clubhouse 

4500 Dan Patch Cir. Anderson, IN 46013 

Care for a burger with your horse betting? Enjoy the great views of the horse racing track at Harrah’s Hoosier Park while savoring one of these high-quality burgers, grilled to perfection. 

“Great service and presentation combined with delicious food creates an awesome dining experience in my opinion.” – Yelper Brenda J.  

The Lemon Drop 

1701 Mounds Rd. Anderson, IN 46016 

No one can forget the highest-rated restaurant on Yelp: The Lemon Drop. With an onion burger that people travel across states for, this is a must-visit for those who love burgers! 

“I certainly understand why it is the number one rated restaurant in Anderson and it isn’t just because of the wonderfully greasy onion burger (which is off the charts btw). The vibe in this place is awesome! Super old school and incredibly friendly.” – Yelper Kaleb M. 

Small Bites Bistro

409 W Washington St. Alexandria, IN 46001

This bistro may be small in size, but the burger definitely is not! Visit Small Town USA for an incredibly juicy, flavorful burger, and end your meal with one of the freshly baked desserts!

“This little Bistro in Alexandrea is a pleasant surprise. Shannon and her mom have started a ‘joy spot’ down town. They cater to low carb lovers as well a traditional food. Shannon went out of her way to accommodate us. Truly Small Town Hospitality!” – Yelper Helen W.

The Tin Plate – Fine Food & Spirits  

2233 South J St. Elwood, IN 46036 

From breaded pork tenderloins to beef manhattans, the Tin Plate does it well. And with burgers, the story remains the same. Want to add some flair? Add some shaved prime rib or pulled pork on top!  

“Pleasant experience! We were visiting from Noblesville, and was looking for a place to eat a late lunch. We were referred here, and was a nice discovery for us! The staff were quite friendly, and attentive! Atmosphere was intimate and comfortable. The food was delicious and plentiful!!” – Yelper Marvin H. 

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